How to Enter

Step One: Learn why Cash is Best!

Here’s a quick guide to the contest and why donating cash is better than donating material goods. Additional information can be found here.

Step Two: Choose your category.

static image

An ad that can appear in a magazine, newspaper, or on a poster or sign


A short (10 seconds or less) animated image with no sound


Must be exactly 15 or 30 seconds in length and filmed and edited in high resolution (HD)

Step Three: Create your PSA.

What do the best entries have in common? Regardless of category, they all: a) clearly articulate why giving monetary donations (i.e. cash) to aid groups working on the ground is better than providing material donations; b) specifically mention “international disasters”; c) instruct the viewer to visit the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) website; and d) use the proper CIDI and USAID logos (logos can be found here).

Check out these examples of what we do and don’t want to see in your entries.

Step Four: Complete the online registration process.

All contestants must complete the online release form. Any actors or models who are not group members but appear in the PSA need to have signed release forms, as well.

Submit a PSA