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Entering this competition will give you a rewarding creative experience on a public platform and an opportunity to reach millions of viewers with a critical message. Click here to read more about what’s in it for you.

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The USAID CIDI Team is here to help! We have included resources throughout this site to help you find valuable information and the tools you need to create a high-impact PSA. Please be sure to visit the Resource Center section for supporting materials and the video blogs to learn more about international disaster donations from people who have first-hand experience.

Our contest materials give you the details you need – from formats to deadlines, and everything in between.

  • Submit a PSA- Here is where you’ll begin the registration process to submit a Public Service Announcement as an individual or a group. Please note:
    • As part of the upload process, you/your group leader will be in charge of completing the registration and release process, uploading the PSA, as well as submitting all personal release forms.
    • To join a group, you will need to create an account and complete the Certification and Release process, which takes less than five minutes.
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  • Myths and Facts about International Disasters

Have a question?  Email us at  Don’t forget, entries are due by Wednesday, April 8, 2015!

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PSAID Contest Benefits & Exposure

PSAID Contest Benefits & Exposure

Ever imagined your work airing on TV? How much better would your resume look with accolades from a federal agency, naming you the winner of a national competition? How would you feel knowing that your PSA has brought attention to a critical issue during some of the world’s most vulnerable times?

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Creative Production Resources & Guidelines

Creative Production Resources & Guidelines

Developing PSAs requires creative ideas and the resources to make a vision come to life. Take a look at the image gallery for inspiration and read through the guidelines to learn more about requirements for each submission.

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Contestant & Group Registration

Contestant & Group Registration

Ready to submit a PSA? Begin registration here, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions to sign up individual and group participants.

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