Is that your video on TV? Think you have what it takes to make it to primetime? Prove it!

In this year’s 10th Annual PSAid competition, winning Public Service Announcement (PSA) submissions will have the chance to air on NFL games and popular shows like Once Upon A Time, The Bachelor, Family Guy and Dr. Phil.

Since its inception in 2008, PSAid videos have been aired by 865 TV and cable stations in the US to a total estimated audience (“audience impressions”) of 771,231,580.  The number of actual broadcasts since the contest’s beginning in 2008 is 79,620!

PSAid contestants are encouraged to submit compelling and aesthetically creative print or video PSAs encouraging Americans to practice Smart Compassion when helping people affected by emergencies overseas by providing monetary donations to proven relief organizations. The USAID’s Center for International Disaster Information (USAID CIDI) informs the public that cash donations are less expensive for donors and more beneficial to recipients than are material donations.

It’s simple: save lives, save money—send cash.


The 2015 PSAid X Winners are Here!!!



1st Place: Donation Machine By Katherine McNamara- Arizona State University

2nd Place: Canned By Tyler Meacham- Elon University

3rd Place: Myth Vs. Fact By Victoria Howell- Arizona State University

Print Winners

1st Place:  Symbols of Relief By Dillon Johnson- Arizona State University

2nd Place: Send Love By Lucy Gamades, Sydney Brodo, Jonah Boscov-Brown- Boston University

3rd Place: Make the Biggest Impact By Stephanie McNicol- Arizona State University

Dillon-Johnson-PSAidstephanie mcnicol x make the biggestSend Love


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PSAID Contest Benefits & Exposure

PSAID Contest Benefits & Exposure

Ever imagined your work airing on TV? How much better would your resume look with accolades from a federal agency, naming you the winner of a national competition? How would you feel knowing that your PSA has brought attention to a critical issue during some of the world’s most vulnerable times?

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Creative Production Resources & Guidelines

Creative Production Resources & Guidelines

Developing PSAs requires creative ideas and the resources to make a vision come to life. Take a look at the image gallery for inspiration and read through the guidelines to learn more about requirements for each submission.

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Contestant & Group Registration

Contestant & Group Registration

Ready to submit a PSA? Begin registration here, where you’ll find step-by-step instructions to sign up individual and group participants.

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